Technical Design

It is not unusual for those with an idea for an app to draw a very rough schematic of what they want that app to do. The same goes for individuals who want a website, a re-modeling of a website. These are often non-techies who are simply trying to convey a visual of their ideas. These rough designs can be called a form of architecture, but the real architecture comes from the development experts who transform those rough designs into actual architecture, using existing elements or crafting new ones, to build a viable structure for development. When individuals and companies come to Brainberry with their ideas and informal architectural plans, our technical design experts go to work to build the structure. Upon that structure, the software will be built.


Our technical design specialists will make guarantee:

  • Easy scaling and performance management
  • Exceptional performance
  • Security
  • Scalability without expense of costly coding





You inform us about your product and tell what services you need. We think about the idea of the development.


To bring in more profit, we will contact you shortly after to clarify the exact needs and make the final goals` analysis. Simple, isn’t it?


When everything is ready – you get our proposal with the materials, price and the benefits your product will get. Approved? We start creating!

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